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FALCO 100 with Blower Package

Packaged System:

  • FALCO 100 Catalytic Oxidizer
  • Regenerative Blower (2 HP or 3 HP)
  • FALCO Vapor Control Valve (VCV) with Filter
  • Solberg 2″ Inline Blower Filter
  • Stainless Steel Vacuum and Pressure Gauges
  • Vacuum Relief Valve (3 HP Model)
  • Recirculation Valve for Adjusting Flow Rate (3 HP Model)
  • Mounting Frames, Factory Piping and Wiring Between FALCO, Blower, and VCV
  • Stainless Steel Splice Beams (Also Serve as Fork Lift Pockets)



  • Cut Sheet – PDF
  • FALCO 100 with 3HP Blower Package Major Components – PDF
  • Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) – DWG | PDF
  • Vapor Control Valve (VCV) Installation Manual – PDF
  • Vapor Control Valve (VCV) 3D View – PDF
  • FALCO 100 Catalytic Oxidizer with Regenerative Blower Package Site Plan – PDF
  • Sub Slab Depressurization with FALCO 100



This blower package combines with the FALCO 100 to form an integrated soil vapor extraction and treatment system. Components are mounted on frames joined by forklift beams. One frame supports the blower, Vapor Control Valve, and accessories. The second frame supports the FALCO 100. This low profile system weighs 595 lb. and is 4’ wide, 5’ long, and 7’ tall. It easily fits in a parking space or a full size pickup truck.

Extensively documented, standardized system, supported by factory technicians.

System is fully wired and tested at Falmouth Products for maximum reliability and continuous outdoor operation. This unit can be installed and running in less than three hours with one conduit to your breaker box and one connection to the vapor source.


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FALCO 100 Catalytic Oxidizer
Rotron regenerative blower:
2 hp EN505AX58ML (230 volt single phase – 12 full load amps)
When integrated with the FALCO 100, this 2 hp blower provides the following performance:
30” H20 vacuum = 108 scfm oxidizer flow
60” H20 vacuum = 55 scfm oxidizer flow
3 hp EN656M5XL (230 volt single phase – 17 full load amps)
When integrated with the FALCO 100, this 3 hp blower provides the following performance:
30” H20 vacuum = 118 scfm oxidizer flow
55” H20 vacuum = 90 scfm oxidizer flow
FALCO Vapor Control Valve (VCV) with filter
Solberg 2″ inline blower filter
Stainless steel vacuum and pressure gauges
Vacuum relief valve (3 hp model)
Recirculation valve for adjusting flow rate (3 hp model)
Mounting frames, factory piping and wiring between FALCO, blower and VCV
Stainless steel splice beams, also serve as fork lift pockets