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FALCO 300/600 for Air Stripper


Air strippers remove volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from water through vigorous aeration. Strippers are used for the remediation of contaminated groundwater and for industrial water treatment. This process results in water that is far less contaminated and an airstream that now contains VOC’s. VOC contaminated air is either directly discharged if regulations permit, treated by activated carbon, or treated by a catalytic oxidizer. FALCO catalytic oxidizers have distinct advantages in these applications:

  • No carbon exchange, less labor, maintenance, and truck traffic
  • Small footprint – Less than activated carbon system
  • All electric reliable operation
  • High heat exchanger efficiency for low cost operation
  • FALCO catalytic oxidizer operating costs decrease when VOC concentrations increase, whereas carbon costs increase with higher VOC loading
  • High long term destruction efficiency with less risk of permit exceedance

Simple Integration:
Since VOC concentrations discharged from air strippers are usually low, the oxidizer seldom requires active vapor control. The FALCO catalytic oxidizer is usually supplied with a booster blower with flow exceeding the stripper flow. Contacts are provided in the FALCO control panel which enable the stripper water pump once the catalyst is at treatment temperature. Catalytic oxidizer alarms are also interlocked with the stripper blower and water pump to provide shutdown if vapor concentrations exceed the maximum allowable for the oxidizer, or catalyst temperature is not maintained. A water separator is required on the discharge of the air stripper to prevent water from entering the catalytic oxidizer.

Download FALCO 300 Catalytic Oxidizer with Air Stripper Integration Flow and Control Drawing

Catalytic Oxidizer with Air Stripper