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FALCO 100 Flowrate and Inlet Pressure Calculator (SVE)

rev 5-7-20  This calculator may be applied to any FALCO 100 oxidizer sold after 6/1/2010.  
This calculator provides an estimate of flow through a FALCO 100 at a catalyst temperature of 330°C with the heat exchanger bypass valve closed.*
Alternatively, if the Flow Rate is known, Inlet Pressure can be estimated.  Catalyst Residence Time and Space Velocity may also be calculated.
Known Inlet Pressure:
Enter Inlet Pressure (in WC)
Estimated Flow Rate  = (SCFM)
Known Flow Rate:
Enter Flow Rate (SCFM)
Estimated Inlet Pressure = (in WC)
Space Velocity (GHSV) =
Catalyst Residence Time =

* FALCO 100 is normally operated with heat exchanger bypass closed at concentrations < 1000 ppmv.     
FALCO 100 may be operated with heat exchanger bypass open at high concentrations. Opening the bypass lowers heat recovery and reduces pressure drop. Flow > 120 scfm is beyond the normal operating range. Inlet pressure assumes a clean flame arrestor.

Catalyst volume of the FALCO 100 = 0.16 ft3
Space velocity (GHSV) = Hourly volumetric feed gas flow rate per reaction volume


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