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Falmouth Products is committed to manufacturing the highest quality catalytic oxidizers available.
Ongoing research and development provides feedback to engineering and manufacturing for continuous product improvement.

FALCO catalytic oxidizers are extensively tested under a wide range of conditions. This testing provides our customers with the most up to date performance data.

Please follow the links for technical documents:

FALCO 300 Demonstration Video – Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)

FALCO VFD Dilution Blower Demonstration Video – Industrial Vapor Treatment

Soil Vapor Extraction

Industrial Processes

The Catalytic Oxidation Process

Operation and Safety

Hazardous Locations

Energy Use – Heat Exchanger Efficiency


FALCO 100 Technical

FALCO 300 Technical

FALCO 600 Technical

Vapor Control Valve (VCV) Installation FALCO 100/300

Vapor Control Valve (VCV) Installation FALCO 600

Catalyst Deactivation

CAD Drawings