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Data Logger

Onset Data Logger Package for FALCO Catalyst Temperature Monitoring

Recorded temperature data supports compliance with regulatory requirements (minimal oxidizer operating temperatures). In addition, temperature data exported to a spreadsheet may be used to estimate VOC concentrations recovered, and cumulative lb/day treated, etc.

The Onset Computer HOBO MX 4‐Channel Analog (MX1105) data logger is available as an installed option in the FALCO control box. The logger measures temperatures at the inlet of the catalyst (T1), the outlet (T2), and inside the catalyst (T3) and transmits data wirelessly to mobile devices (over a 100-foot range) using Bluetooth® Low Energy technology.
Data can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet with Onset’s free HOBOconnect® app available on Google Play
or the IPhone App store.
The logger is easily detected by the app for setup. Using the app, you can configure the logger, read out and view data, and export data for further analysis. This compact logger also has a built‐in LCD screen to display current temperature readings, logging status, battery use, memory consumption, and more.

Logger Configuration

The data logger is pre-programmed with a sampling interval of 30 seconds and tested at Falmouth Products.  At this interval, the data logger continues to log for approximately 8 months before memory becomes full. Regular periodic offloads from logger within this timeframe will re-launch logger and restart the memory interval.  Battery life with ‘Bluetooth Always On’ enabled is approximately 1 year.
Burst logging is enabled to assist with troubleshooting if a temperature event outside of the normal operating range occurs. When temperature is within 10 degrees of the default high temperature alarm setting for any temperature controller, the sampling interval changes to one second.  This interval persists for as long as the temperature stays outside of the normal operating range.

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