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Falmouth Products originated in 1986 with government funded research and development projects relating to environmental cleanup. Construction of prototype catalytic oxidizers began in 1987. These prototypes were used at soil vapor extraction sites. Soil vapor extraction became accepted technology for cleaning hydrocarbon contaminated soils, and Falmouth Products focused company efforts on equipment for this emerging market.


For over thirty years Falmouth Products has manufactured electric catalytic oxidizers (FALCO’s). FALCO’s were easily installed and moved from site to site and replaced cumbersome thermal oxidizers and carbon systems. The efficient heat recovery of FALCO catalytic oxidizers has provided major energy cost savings.


Although we still supply oxidizers for remediation, our primary focus has shifted to treating vapors from industrial processes and manufacturing. Energy use and available space mandate that trends in air pollution control continue toward consolidation of vapor sources and smaller treatment systems. Falmouth Products manufactures high quality, electric catalytic oxidizers for these vapor streams.


In September of 2021, Falmouth Products was acquired by Product Recovery Management, Inc., and all manufacturing has been relocated to Butner, NC. In the transition, Falmouth Products maintained existing staff as well as quality manufacturing methods.


Falmouth Products sells directly to the customer. Each application is reviewed carefully to ensure that our equipment is suitable and is applied properly.

We answer and return phone calls and enjoy talking with customers. Our staff is involved in the manufacturing process and has extensive field experience with catalytic oxidizers. When you contact us, an expert is available to answer your questions. Falmouth Products maintains a database history of units referenced by serial number. Therefore, when a field technician calls, previous service history is immediately available to inform the discussion.


Heat exchanger and metal fabrication is done in-house. Heavy metal welding, punching, bending, CNC work and laser cutting is separated from final assembly. This allows Falmouth Products to maintain a clean assembly and testing facility.

Drill tools and jigs are used in construction to ensure repeatability and product quality.


FALCO’s are highly standardized and units made of the same model have parts that are interchangeable. Falmouth Products equipment is Third Party Certified through MET Laboratories. These approvals require extensive documentation and facility inspection.


Construction checklists follow equipment through each stage of the construction process. Assembly personnel sign and date the checklist after major assembly steps are completed. These checklists provide detailed history for future reference. Equipment construction, destination, and service history is tracked in a database by serial number.

FALCO catalytic oxidizers are operated on test stands for five hours before shipment.

We use Flame ionization detectors to verify catalyst conversion efficiency. Electrical circuits are tested with dielectric withstand testers for breakdown to ground. Control system performance, pressure drop, electrical resistance’s, and amperage draw is also tested.


Our application engineers welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.