FALCO 600 20 HP

This high flow vapor extraction and treatment system integrates the FALCO 600, SVE Blower, Vapor Control Valve (VCV), and inlet filter onto one stainless steel frame. Assembly weighs 2,270 lbs and is 56” wide, 78” long, and 87” tall. System is fully tested and can be economically shipped by common carrier (flat bed not required).

Assembly provides the following performance:
60” H20 vacuum: 510 SCFM oxidizer flow
50” H20 vacuum: 550 SCFM oxidizer flow
40” H20 vacuum: 600 SCFM oxidizer flow

At low vacuum, up to 370 lbs/day of petroleum hydrocarbons can be treated. Small size, high processing capacity, and energy efficiency make this system ideal for large scale Soil Vapor Extraction applications. Assembly is Factory Mutual approved for use in hazardous locations. (specifications are subject to change without notice)

Packaged system includes the following:

  • FALCO 600 Catalytic Oxidizer
  • FPZ regenerative blower model # SCL K12-MS-GOR-C-1070-XP with 20hp, 3 phase XP motor
  • FALCO Vapor Control Valve (VCV) with filter
  • Solberg 4” inline blower filter
  • Stainless steel vacuum and pressure gauges
  • Vacuum relief valve
  • Recirculation valve for flow adjustment
  • Mounting frame, stainless steel factory piping and wiring between FALCO, blower and VCVFM approval link

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