FALCO 100 Catalytic Oxidizer with VFD controlled 2hp dilution blower

Vapor treatment for manufacturing and industrial processes with FALCO 100


VOC abatement system

The FALCO 100 with dilution blower and variable frequency drive is the ideal solution for industrial vapor treatment. Process vapors are captured and efficiently destroyed by catalytic oxidation.

Startup and operation are fully automatic. Temperature controllers accurately regulate inlet concentrations by adjusting dilution blower speed. Speed is increased during high mass flow of hydrocarbon and slows during low mass flow, or at standby to save energy. Automatic shutdown results if temperatures exceed limits.

The FALCO 100 has an efficient shell and tube heat exchanger. A bypass valve automatically increases heat recovery during low concentration operation and standby, and reduces heat recovery to accommodate high concentrations.

Components are mounted on frames joined by forklift beams. One frame supports the blower, VFD, and accessories. The second frame supports the FALCO 100. This low profile system weighs only 560 lbs and is 46” wide, 60” long, and 88” tall. This standardized package is easily installed and operated and can be integrated into a wide range of process vapor streams. 

Packaged system includes the following:

FALCO 100 Catalytic oxidizer
2 hp, three phase, explosion proof, regenerative blower
Schneider Electric variable frequency drive in NEMA 4X enclosure
Solberg inline process air and dilution filters
Stainless steel vacuum and pressure gauges
Stainless steel mounting rails with forklift pockets
Mounting frames, Stainless steel factory piping, and wiring between FALCO, Blower, and VFD
Factory Mutual approval for use in Class 1, Division 2, Group D Hazardous Locations











FALCO 100 specifications:

Capacity 40-120 scfm (dilution air + process flow)
Maximum input loading 0 .05 lb/min VOCs @ 19,000 BTU/lb (930 BTU/min)
Destruction Efficiency Up to 99.5%
Catalyst operation range (standard) 330-620ºC (626-1148ºF)
Catalyst Stainless steel monolith. Alumina wash coat and platinum and palladium catalyst. Alternate catalysts are also available
Heat exchanger 304 Stainless steel shell and tube
    70% thermal efficiency @ 60 scfm
Heater (Electric) 7.3 kW, solid state switching (SCR power control) with high limit
Construction 304 Stainless steel and aluminum
Power requirements Heater: 30.5 amp @ 240 VAC single phase
    Blower: 14.9 amp @ 240 VAC single phase (3 phase VFD output)
    Controls: 120 VAC, 3 amp
FM approvals link

Click here to view a printable PDF Cut Sheet with detailed specifications for this product.